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For the last five years, Rajaletchumi has been working in financial planning in Malaysia, specialising in life insurance, vehicle insurance and investments. Despite having huge passion for what she does and being an expert in her field, Rajaletchumi found herself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to strategically grow her business, after launching it in 2013.

Struggling to motivate herself in a difficult economy, Rajaletchumi joined the Mentoring Women in Business Programme in May 2015. She was looking for support to create a business strategy and expand her client base. Rajaletchumi was matched with Mamatha, an associate director at a global consulting company in India with expertise in business planning, marketing and sales. As an experienced mentor with the Foundation’s Mentoring Women in Business Programme, Mamatha was keen to understand Rajaletchumi’s challenges and provide a supportive and inspirational space to help her brainstorm solutions.

During their year together, the pair examined Rajaletchumi’s target market and looked at what channels she was using to attract new clients. Mamatha encouraged her to join local business networking groups and attend as many events as possible to meet potential clients. Rajaletchumi also recognised the importance of increasing the company’s online presence. She decided to create a website, and set about building a strong social media profile to help market her services.

Through a partnership between the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™, Tune Talk and Sparrow Mobile, Rajaletchumi received a 3G-enabled tablet and data plan alongside training on how to make the best use of online tools. This enabled her to meet with her mentor regularly online, reach out to new clients and develop stronger communication with her existing clients via the internet. This, in combination with a new business plan, created a solid foundation for growth.

Since joining the programme, Rajaletchumi has seen significant growth: she has gained more than 25 new clients, hired four new full-time employees, one part-time employee and increased her revenue by 53%. Investing some of her new income into professional development, Rajaletchumi has also successfully added “Registered Financial Planner” to her credentials, setting the stage for continued growth.

Rajaletchumi said that Mamatha held her accountable, giving her the push she needed to regain motivation. Together they talked through challenges and found the best solutions for the business. She said, “Mamatha helped me to get my boost back. Anyone who has the opportunity should grab this experience of having someone mentor them. It opened my eyes to new ideas.”

Mamatha said that she always enjoys working with such driven and inspirational women entrepreneurs and Rajaletchumi was no exception! They were a great match and Mamatha is particularly proud of Rajaletchumi’s transformation into a confident woman and empowered business leader.

Looking forward, Rajaletchumi is determined to implement the lessons she learned this year and become a leader in the industry.






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