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Investing in women can have a powerful ripple effect, generating lasting impact for households, communities and societies. This impact has been exemplified time and time again through the stories of the inspirational women entrepreneurs we support.

Women’s potential to drive positive change becomes all the more profound when their businesses are motivated by both social and financial goals. And since research shows that social entrepreneurship is a top business interest for women worldwide, the opportunities are vast.

Here are a few of the women entrepreneurs we’ve worked with who are achieving incredible things by keeping both people and profit at the heart of their businesses.

Romita, Founder and Director of MedSamaan, India

After surviving an acute disease in her childhood, Romita from Delhi has now dedicated her life to health. She believes that “without health, we are nothing” and she has leveraged technology to build an online platform for building and selling medical devices effectively, efficiently and ethically.

Geetika, Founder of Gauri International, India

Geetika works with rural women in Uttarakhand in India, training them to make quality hand-knitted and crocheted garments in their free time, which they can sell to earn a sustainable source of income. Geetika believes that building women’s financial independence is key to helping them become self-reliant. She has been running Gauri International for over a decade, and has 60 women working with her at the moment, many of whom have gone on to set up their own bank accounts.

Zara, Founder of Wowoman, Azerbaijan

Zara recognised the need for women in Azerbaijan who are passionate about reaching their full professional potential to have a dedicated space for support. So, at age 23, she launched Wowoman, an online platform providing tools and inspiration “for women to achieve the coolest, craziest and the most ‘impossible’ dreams they have”.

Zara and her team of volunteers have organised nearly 100 events, workshops and courses reaching over 5,500 participants, and she has also created an international ambassador programme to foster a global network of women leaders.

Priyanka, Founder of Women on Wealth, India

Priyanka from Delhi has channeled her passion for empowering others into a successful social enterprise which offers financial management classes and resources to women entrepreneurs, enabling them to take control of their finances and make savvier investments.

Chioma, Founder and Principal of Nobleseed Montessori School, Nigeria

Chioma from Nigeria is on a personal mission to give children the education they need to succeed. She worked hard to raise the capital to set up a school providing quality education for primary age students, and continually strives to improve her business management skills and financial acumen so that she can grow the school to reach more students.

“Now that I’m finally succeeding in my business, it will tell every other woman with a passion for entrepreneurship that they can succeed too.”

Jameela, owner of an embroidery business, West Bank

When Jameela’s husband passed away, she was left with four sons to support. With no formal business training to fall back on, she started taking on small embroidery jobs. Jameela’s products quickly became popular and her enterprise soon outgrew her home.

Given her own experience, Jameela has made it her mission to employ other widows and Palestinian women facing difficult circumstances, so that they too can achieve financial independence.

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