Enterprise Development

The Enterprise Development Programme supports women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries to transform their small businesses into thriving enterprises. Working in partnership with financial institutions and local organisations, we develop and deliver tailored business training and services to equip women entrepreneurs with the skills and tools they need to become successful business owners.

Mentoring Women in Business

The Mentoring Women in Business Programme combines mentoring with technology to offer cross-border support to women entrepreneurs. We match women in low and middle income countries with male and female mentors around the world. Using our online platform, they spend 12 months working one-on-one to achieve key business goals, build their business skills and become part of a global community of committed, ambitious entrepreneurs.

Mobile Technology

The Mobile Technology Programme leverages mobile technology to support women entrepreneurs in becoming successful business owners. Our mobile technology projects follow three broad models: delivering customised mobile applications to address the unique challenges facing women entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries; increasing the participation and capacity of women in mobile and banking agent networks; and ensuring financial inclusion by providing mobile financial services to women entrepreneurs.

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