Inspiring entrepreneurship

Our entrepreneurship programmes, products and services enable us to work with local partners to provide tailored training and guidance for women entrepreneurs. We also deliver game-changing business apps and financial services and support. As a result, entrepreneurs can transform their businesses – and their futures.

Enterprise Development

The potential of women entrepreneurs remains largely untapped in low and middle income countries, with many lacking access to the financial services, skills and opportunities they need to become successful business owners. In developing countries, women own only around 30% of small businesses and as little as 17% of medium enterprises. 70% of women-owned businesses in developing countries are also under served by financial institutions.

Mobile Technology Programme

The Foundation’s Mobile Technology Programme leverages mobile technology to support women entrepreneurs in becoming successful business owners. The programme works with a wide range of partners in the mobile ecosystem to provide women entrepreneurs with access to training, technology, networks and capital.


Our Mentoring Women in Business Programme matches women in low and middle income countries with male and female mentors around the world. Using our online platform, they work one-to-one for 12 months to share new perspectives, build new skills and take their businesses to a whole new level.


To help create a world where women and girls can build businesses on an equal footing with men, we advocate for change locally, nationally and internationally. Our expertise, network and experience mean we are perfectly placed to address the systemic and institutional barriers that hold women and girls back.


Through strategic research partnerships, analysis of our impact and qualitative studies involving the women and girls we work with, we reveal the barriers and opportunities facing women entrepreneurs – and build the case for an ecosystem that helps women thrive

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