We are a fast-growing, entrepreneurial organisation with ambitious goals – to empower women entrepreneurs to make a difference in their communities. Our team is dynamic and hard-working. We are passionate about creating an equal world for generations to come.

Our values

We hold the utmost respect for our beneficiaries, colleagues, trustees, founder, partner organisations and donors and supporters.

We value diversity and have a culture that values everyone regardless of their race, creed, gender, nationality, religion, marital status, age, disability or sexual orientation.

We are results-oriented and, to achieve impact we share knowledge, successes, failures and learnings openly.

We address problems and find solutions outside the box. We aim to use technology to enable the women we work with to achieve their potential and to ensure our way of working is cutting edge.

We work together to ensure the success of the organisation and we invest in the success of each individual employee to ensure that everyone is fulfilled and empowered to achieve their best.

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